Respect for people and the environment is at the core of AXA POWER ENERGY  Group business.

In this framework, the Group gives special emphasis on its social and environmental footprint, through its corporate culture and ethics, as well as via targeted actions that support sensitive population groups. Such actions are contributions to local communities and efforts towards the protection of the natural environment. In addition, the Group offers opportunities to young people with regard to their education and professional advancement, and thus through all the above actions, the Group reveals our true cultural inheritance.

In this framework, AXA POWER ENERGY Group:
Respects all employees and partners and fully supports their rights and interests;

Strictly complies with all regulations with regards to the health and safety at the work environment and thus respects the highest value of all, human life;

Gives emphasis to the protection and promotion of the natural environment through full compliance with the rules of effective environmental management in all projects under   execution as well as through its leading presence in utilizing the Renewable Energy Sources and its involvement in environmental projects (for example waste management, etc);

Gives back to the community through targeted actions that improve the quality of life of sensitive social groups and of the local communities in which the Group operates.



AXA POWER ENERGY commits to preventing and minimizing work accidents as well as any mistakes or omissions and their impact on the Health & Safety of employees.
The Group’s main objective is to take all the appropriate preventive measures for the Health and Safety of employees.                                                      To accomplish this, AXA POWER ENERGY commits to:
Fully comply with laws and other requirements relevant to the employees’ Health & Safety that are applicable during the operation and construction activities of the company.
The better identification of occupational hazards and elimination of their impact on all employees, by adopting proper preventive safety measures
Preventing injury and ill health as well as any Health & Safety incidents resulting from the operation or construction activities of the company.
Providing adequate training of employees on health & safety issues.
Proceed promptly to the investigation of every accident/incident in order to reach proper conclusions and take these safety measures that will avert similar situations in the future.
Protecting employees, subcontractors, and third parties is included, by adopting technologies and operating procedures providing the necessary safety.
Additionally, AXA POWER ENERGY is committed to:
Constantly improve the HSM System of the company.
Communicate its commitment to the advancement of Health & Safety towards employees, suppliers, subcontractors, clients, public services, and the community involved.
AXA POWER ENERGY top management provides all necessary resources to continually improve safety and believes that every employee will undertake his own commitment in the joint effort to prevent and avoid accidents.
Top management and the company’s employees are guided by and committed to this Health & Safety Policy Statement.




AXA POWER ENERGY commits to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. Since the company itself can be α source of pollution and hazardous waste production, we commit to: Meet all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements in order to assure the protection of the environment. Identify and evaluate all environmental aspects of its services. Provide appropriate environmental training and educate employees to be environmentally responsible. Minimize the amount and toxicity of waste generated and ensure the safe treatment and disposal of waste. Conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials, and using recyclable packaging and other materials. Ensure the responsible use of energy throughout our business. Minimize risk and protect our employees and the community in which we operate by employing safe technologies and operating procedures in both routine and emergency conditions. Protect the ancient monuments, the cultural heritage, and the flora - fauna of the ecosystem by adopting eco-friendly methods and technologies. Communicate and reinforce our commitment to environmental quality to our employees, vendors, customers, other government entities, and the community in which we operate. Work cooperatively with others to further common environmental objectives. Continuous improvement of the Company’s Environmental Management System. The administration considers that Environmental protection is everybody’s responsibility and is committed to the application of every feasible means, process, and management system for the reduction of environmental impact and optimization of positive environmental aspects.




Social contribution activities constitute a fundamental principle of AXA POWER ENERGY strategy. Specifically the Group targets:
•    The support of sensitive social groups.
•    The intervention and subsequent support in cases of great emergency (natural destructions).
•    The implementation of projects and actions that improve the quality of the daily life of local communities in which our Group operates and promote their cultural heritage, in return for the communities’ hospitality.
•    The creation of opportunities for young people through educational and scientific research programs.
Indicative cases of our social contribution activities are the following:
•    Financial support of Non-Governmental Organizations and State Entities that aim at improving the quality of life of sensitive social groups (The Smile of the Child, The Ark of the World, UNICEF, etc).
•    Construction of infrastructure and other related projects at no cost with the aim to improve the daily life of the inhabitants in the areas of our Group’s activities (maintenance works at schools, health centers, municipal buildings, roads, well drilling works, municipal light works, etc).
•    Creek cleaning and flooding protection work, especially after natural destructions (fires, flooding).
•    Infrastructure works in schools and hospitals after earthquakes.
•    Sponsorship to sport and cultural clubs in the areas of our Group’s activities (Greece and abroad).
•    Financing of cultural events and projects for the promotion of our architectural heritage.
•    Scholarships to young people and sponsoring scientific research programs and conventions, etc.