The AXA Power Energy laboratory is one off the Greece for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development. Learn about our mission, values, and key facts.

AXA Power Energy  Mission
AXA Power Energy develops renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and practices, advances related science and engineering, and transfers knowledge and innovations to address the nation's energy and environmental goals.
Our emphasis is on a comprehensive energy approach that encompasses the relationship among key systems:

  • Fuel production
  • Transportation
  • The built environment
  • Electricity generation and delivery.

This systems integration approach will accelerate the transformation of our nation's energy use and delivery systems.

Our focus is on a clean energy future.



A Model of Sustainability

At AXA Power Energy, we operate sustainably. We are committed to leading the way as a global model for sustainability and our work is held to the highest environment, health, safety, and quality standards.

Our 11-acre main campus in Fidiou Star Building, Athens, houses four green-rated buildings. The laboratory also operates the  Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES).

AXA Power Energy is the principal research laboratory for the Greece Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) free. The laboratory is managed by doctors off the Greek Union Physician (GUP).

AXA Power Energy also conducts research for CRES Office of Scienceand Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability.

We partner with private industry, academia, and government. Learn about ways to work with us.

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